BMW E90 Welcome Lights - Angel Eyes Fade In/Out

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BMW MTEC Led Angel Eyes H8 Led 9W v2.0 installation comparison Check out our new Facebook group: Looking for Led replacement bulbs for your BMW Angel Eyes? The MTEC H8 bulbs transform the rings inside your headlight from the yellowish halogen light, to a bright white Led light. These are the latest version, v2.0. Compared to the previous version the coating has changed from chrome to matte black for better heat dissipation. The major upgrade is that more powerfull Cree Leds are mounted, making them 20-30% brighter. The H8 Led bulbs are now 9W instead of 6W. What has remained the same compared to the first version is that they directly replace the original H8 bulbs. Drilling, trimming or cutting wires is not necessary. This retrofit is completely reversible, useful when selling your car. In addition, version 2.0 also does not interfere on the car radio or give error messages at the computer of the car. These MTEC H8 bulbs fit on the following BMW models: BMW 3 E90 LCI (with Xenon) | (2009-2011) BMW 3 E90 M3 BMW 3 E92 Coupes (2006-2010) BMW 3 E93 M3 BMW 3 E93 Cabrio (2006-2010) BMW 3 E93 M3 BMW X5 E70 (with Xenon) | (2007+) BMW X6 E71 | (2008+) BMW 1 E82 (with Xenon) | (2007+) BMW Z4 E89 Z4 | (2009+) BMW 7 F01 all years BMW 7 F02 all years Specifications Power 9 Watt Leds 4 Cree Led chips per lamp Light output 1400 - 1600 Lm Function Daytime Running Light + Position Light Color temperature 7000K (white with a bleuish tint) Material heatsink Aluminium

2011 BMW 3-Series Headlights
An instructional video demonstrating the use of the HID xenon adaptive headlights on a 2011 BMW 3-Series. This video is for educational purposes only. I do not take credit - all content belongs to BMW USA.

Coded my BMW E90 to enable some cool features! (BMW Coding)
Remote coding service available.

BMW E90 330i 328i N52 Stalling at start up
This is the the 3rd day of my car having a hard time starting in the morning. It got to the point that even during the day if i didn't drive it for a few hours it would hesitate to star. The battery was only 7 months old at the time and the alternator was fine, the car was only 3-4 years old at the time and i was the only owner. This was the final verdict.... The car was had what was called an eccentric shaft sensor that had gone bad in the car. I live in Orange County and had taken it to 2 deals who essentially wanted to take apart the entire engine and charge me $1200 just to diagnose it. I eventually went to Sterling BMW where I purchased the car new and they found this sensor was failing and did not show signs though the OBD2 port. I had the car fixed for a few hundred dollars and ran and started great. I was exreamly impressed since at the time this was a new car that no one had seen this problem happen to. Unfortunately what i did not know at the time was since this sensor manages the engine timing and so on it made my car run rich to point where it clogged up my O2 sensors in the Exhaust and ruined my catalytic converters. That was estimated to be a $4000 repair and at that point I sold the car.