1973 Datsun 160J SSS

Known as a Violet in Japan and 710 in US

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Datsun 160j 1981

Datsun 160J 1975 Recondition
Datsun 160J 1975 (P710) Before and after recondition at my workshop. "Laris Abadi Autobody" Yogyakarta. The photo documentation will be upload soon.

GIANT Turbo Rotary Powered Datsun @ TX2K15!
(Forgive the re-upload due to a video glitch) Talk about a unique setup - this Datsun with a Mazda 13B Rotary engine has a 75mm turbo bolted to it! Not only that, our eyes started burning once we got near this thing because it’s powered by ALCOHOL! Doesn’t get much sweeter than this! These guys were looking for a 7, but still accomplished a lot by going deep into the 8’s and picking up a best on the car. The GIANT tire on the back tells you this thing is serious, and you know it when you can feel it in your chest when it does a giant burnout! Check this thing out as we catch up with these guys at the TX2K15 drag racing event!

NISSAN VIOLET 710   日産 バイオレット 710型
私の車ではありません。 初代VIOLET レア車 セクシャルバイオレットナンバー710って感じかな・・・ 内装の雰囲気が2代目シルビアに似ているかも。