honda civic "rocket", vitara build, dyno teaser

Dyno run of a 321 whp civic d16z6 Stock z6 head Vitara pistons Eagle Rods Polished Crank RC 750cc Injectors Walbro 240lph Fuel Pump T3/T4 .57 Trim turbo (no name Ebay) 28x12x3 Intercooler (no name Ebay) HKS knockoff MBC HKS knockoff BOV Godspeed Wastegate Custom DP 3" Custom 2.5" Exhaust Cast Exhaust Manifold (no name Ebay) Stealth Oil line kit Filled Mounts GM 3 Bar Map

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d16 turbo @ dyno 416whp
std bore, stock sleeves, block guard, arias pistons, eagle rods, crower cam, supertech valvetrain, .57/.63 ebay turbo, haltech f10x... track #s coming soon...

D16 on 12 PSI vs SRT-4 with unknown mods
Eagle/Vitara on 12 pounds

Mom rides in 700HP civic!!
Took my mom for a quick spin, had no idea she would react like that!! My poor mom!! Build thread for car.

Cheap Ebay internals 12,000 mile update
I did say the wrong milage in the video it was 12,000 and 40,000 :) List of parts from ebay Oil pump-50$ Godspeed rods-224$ Vitara pistons-130$ with rings included (hastings rings) Bearings ACL bearings 50$ and oil pan gasket 10$ 12Kmiles and still in like new condition so i wouldn't knock ebay because i was HARDLY nice to this thing.. Just remember its not ebay thats the problem its the purchaser. Going thru the motor forged Ebay build. Everything still checks out perfect well within specs. I figured id tear her down just to be sure! She will be on 20-25psi when she go's back together!! :))))