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2007 Saturn ION Level 2 Sedan Start Up, Review and Full Tour
So here is the car behind the "Guess The Gauges" Video. It is a 2007 Saturn ION. This car is in mint condition and it only has 43,000 original miles. This is really clean car. It looks, feels, sounds and drives like a new car, but we are not keeping it. As some of you may know, my father buys and sells alot of cars.

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Download the fun and educational Candy Car Wash game for kids FREE: Apple iOS: Android: Cars And Heavy Vehicle Compilation : Watch as toys come to life! This video targets children, stimulating their imagination with the help of colorful objects. Each episode will help the child develop his or her creativity and logical reasoning. For more such videos:

2007 Saturn Ion Power Steering FAIL: GM Tells Us To Drive The Car Anyway
Here is a short clip of our 2007 Saturn Ion losing power steering aftermath. Luckily no one was injured. Not only has this happened once, but this is the second time the Power Steering has failed WHILE driving. You literally have less than 60 seconds to get off the road or you are done for. The Key Ignition recall has been "taken care of" already, but this random loss of power steering still looms. Back story: This vehicle was taken to the GM Dealer for both Ignition and Random Power Steering Loss problems as part of the recall. We spoke to Corporate GM and they told us to "Not Drive The Car". A tow truck was sent to tow it to the local GM Dealership for repair. While in shop, we had to fight for days to get a rental car. There was no ETA on parts and labor so a rental was necessary. Long story short, they fixed the loose ignition issue, but told us we are on our own when it comes to the random power steering loss as they: "DID NOT FIND ANYTHING WRONG WITH THE CAR" After days of arguing with Corporate and local GM, they did not agree to help us in any way and even twisted our previous conversations around to lather their end of the story. They will not provide any further services unless we end up crashing and dying. So for the people on the same boat as us, I do feel for you. Share with your friends and STOP BUYING GM VEHICLES!

2003 Saturn ION Sedan
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