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Fastest Subaru in the State of Texas goes 200mph at the Tex
Awdtuning's 2004 Subaru STi makes his second 200+mph pass at the Texas Mile - Oct 2012 - This STi pushes 601whp at 32lbs on 93+meth, but made this pass on only 28lbs of Boost. He missed 2nd gear in this pass (Exhausted after 4 days of travel/racing) and ended with a trap speed of 200.1mph at the 1 mile mark. Awdtuning is currently the record holder with a 201mph pass making them the Fastest Subaru in the standing Mile!

Dodge 12 valve cummins 35 lbs boost spool
On the roll dodge cummins 12 valve spool 35 lbs Boost

Evo 8 1/4 mile
Evo VIII with bolt ons no tune and big 18 inch varrsteon 2.2.2 wheels(heavy 28lbs) running 14.05

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