The Super Sentra

Low Boost 15psi video compilation. 1999 sentra SE-limited. turbo. 15psi log manifold was the setup in this video. making about 350whp. The Dyno chart in the end is from my new twin scroll gt30r setup.

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BOosted SpecV Sentra SER "the CleanUP" (ShOcker FTW
Justins turbo 2002 Spec-V Sentra. Recently got turbo using a turbonetics kit. well the wastegate got too hot which ended up catching on fire with the hood insulation. burned up a few things under the hood. most of it all got replaced. now time to clean it up a bit install new OEM headlights coated intake manifold a semi flat black

Powertune 180SX SR20VET kicks over!
This is Kemp's 180SX with a rare NEO VVL P12 head conversion nearing completion! We're looking forward to the results of this one!

short drive in my SR24VE powered sentra
SR24VE powered sentra on a short drive

Sr20vet Dyno gt35r
Sr20vet Dyno @25 psi. 9000rpm