Motorcycles at Goodwood F.O.S. 2003

Various motorcycles coming out of the paddock at the 2003 Festival of speed, including Honda 6, Mv Agusta 6, Gilera 500 4, Ago on MV Agusta 4, Dan Gurney on Alligator.

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MV Agusta 500-3 dyno run
Running 1972 MV Agusta 500-3 on Dyno to set carburation. Dyno operator is Sam Ermolenko 1993 World Speedway Champion and expert carburation man. Revved on this occasion to 14,000, peak power at 12,000 64BHP at wheel. Rev limiter now fitted.

Honda 6 cylinder at Goodwood F.O.S 2002
Starting the Honda 6, dont remember if it was a 250 or the 297cc, what a glorious noise either way!

Cannonball Run Revisited: Dan Gurney
Legendary racing driver Dan Gurney recalls getting stopped for a speeding ticket after trying to outrun the police in the 1971 Cannonball Run, and later finding out just how fast a Ferrari 365 Daytona will go. Recorded Saturday March 12, 2011 at the Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance. Sorry for the poor video quality. I was late arriving at this seminar, had forgotten my tripod, and it was difficult to hold the camera steady at maximum zoom while wheezing from the run into the hotel.

Mv Agusta 6 Cylinder.
Mv Agusta 350 6 cylinder at 2003 Goodwood F.O.S.