SRT-4 GT-30R vs. GT35R WRX

SRT-4 GT30R-Bolt-ons 19psi Wrx-Built 2.5l, STi Tranny, GT35R

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Dan's 2003 GT35R WRX
2003 WRX with a built 2.5 block, GT35R, Hydra EMS, etc...

STi GT35r pull
Couple gear pulls at 26psi.... car Dyno'd 578hp at the crank. Right where I say "oh fuck off" is when a cop pulled me over.... Lucky for me, being polite and admitting to my stupidity got me off with a warning.

A short pull in my GT3076R powered SRT-4
My SRT-4 doing a 3rd and 4th gear pull. I run an AGP GT3076R Stage-4 turbo Kit at 25lbs of Boost and 50/50 water/methanol injection with an Extrude Hone Ported Intake Manifold, 62mm throttle body and a few other go fast bits. Filmed on a closed course.

2007 WRX with GT35r 475WHP Doing some pulls. Open downpipe.
Here's a compilation of a few videos of my gt35r wrx doing a few pulls. Skip to 0:50 to see the first run. Mods list: MPS short block. Perrin gt35r kit STI 6speed transmission Stoptech Big Brake Kit Many suspension mods Open Downpipe in this video, currently running an STI catback which surprisingly doesn't hurt performance too bad. Car made a bit under 500 AWHP a few years ago. I've since made several mods but it should be within 475 AWHP today. All work on the car was done by me and many many friends over the years. Maxwell Power Services built the engine, and Dom from MPS tunes it as well. Those are the more important points, if you have any specific questions about mods and so forth, drop a comment and ask!