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Idiot Stuck in Snow

Some guy in a Lexus stuck in the snow...GEAR DOWN MORON!


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Stop Spinning Your Wheels!
CTI to the rescue!

Pan Am & Amtrak Trains Plowing Snow After The Blizzard of 2015
1/28/2015 A big snow storm brings excellent photo opportunities! I was lucky to have the day off from school (again) and was able to make it trackside early Wednesday morning. 0930hrs was where the fun began when two locomotives ran lite to CPF194 to pick up more engines. The line had not been broken in yet so my chance of getting a blasting snow shot was very good! I climbed through snow that went to my waste (such as the second shot of the Amtrak Portland X-tra in Yarmouth) and climbed snowbanks to get certain angles. It was tricky positioning the camera in a couple spots I went to. After I caught the Amtrak Portland Extra in Yarmouth, I took the backroads back to Portland in case there was an eastbound going to leave. I got into Portland where I heard a train giving info with 6 locomotives. That broadcast over the scanner lead me to I-295 where I went strait for the marsh. When I got onto Blackpoint Road I managed to get behind the slowest person in the world. And to make it even worse, they turned down Winnocks Neck Road, going under the speed limit, making it very hard for me to try and see the 6 engine lite move. When I got to an opening, I looked and saw the train coming. If that person was going any slower, I would not have been able to get the shot of them going across the marsh at 2:00. It wasn't the best shot, but it showed the train going through some decent sized snow drifts. And the killer show of the day was when Amtrak 684 came through Haverhill pushing through untouched snow throwing it everywhere and burying me (hahaa). And I was in such a rush because they the train was coming I didn't realize the gate was going to be in the way of the camera view! I was kicking myself for that. At least you can still see what it was like and how awesome it was. At 5:37 is what I looked like after I got plastered. After the Haverhill shot, I went to Plaistow to catch DO-1 again, and then once more in North Andover, where I met up with Trinityct for an hour or so. Then it was time for me to head to Subway, get gas and hit the road back to Maine. It was a thrilling day, and I had some awesome experiences. Also, notice the snow getting cleared of the horn between 2:45 and 2:53. Enjoy!!

Range Rover helps lexus LX
Rover pulls lexus out the mud water.

How to get your car out of the snow
Here's a collegue trying to get his car out of the parking after snow had fallen all day, totalling about 14-16 inches. He says he's an expert :)

FJ Cruiser getting stuck
FJ Cruiser gets stuck in a slushy snow mess.

Several vehicles stuck in Estevan on Jan 7, 1989
Snowstorm in Estevan SK on Jan 7, 1989

An idiot driving in the snow
Idiot trying to drive in the snow on Cavendish road, Worksop

Gallardo in the snow p1
Gallardo in the snow p1

Stuck in Snow and Ice!!
Volkswagen TOUAREG v10

Snow Car 2
A better video of the home built Snow Car!!!!

Stuck in the Snow
Some guys get stuck in North Carolina near Robinsville.

Ferrari F430 Spider on snow
F430 being driven on snow, the owner says he has been using the car all winter and it works suprisingly well.

not bad for 2 wheel drive
2 wheeel drive ranger going threw snow

Subaru WRX Stuck In Driveway After Snow Storm --Bald Tires
First snow storm of the year with bald tires. GREAT!

Lexus IS200 Sports stuck in snow again....
With LSD, traction control and snow driving mode, it's still not getting you anywhere!

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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