Idiot Stuck in Snow

Some guy in a Lexus stuck in the snow...GEAR DOWN MORON!

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Sliding Cars in Seattle Snow on 11/22/10
Cars sliding down John St on Capitol Hill during 11/22/10 winter storm!

Touareg dans sable
new touareg ....

Scooby stuck in snow life is four wheel drive
Scooby stuck in snow life is four wheel drive, went out for a little play in the snow, never knew get a video like this. not at all planned. sorry for the bad words, just a funny funny sound

Drunk Redneck Stuck In Snow With His Girlfriend
Man thinks just because hes in a truck that he can get out of 3 feet of snow. The best part is how many people are just laughing at him rocking back and forth and not offering any help.