K20 Honda Fit / Stock K20A2 / SRI

0-90 K20A2 Powered '07 Honda Fit S. Stock W/ Short Ram Intake Babying it, easy shifts.

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Honda fit k24 swap all motor 11.1-123mph #teamgabyperformance
via YouTube Capture

Honda Fit K20A
Honda Fit / Jazz install K20 A engine final check on top speed . www.jcracing.com.my E mail : info@jcracing.com.my

Turbo 2008 Honda Fit - One Take
The Honda fit is small, nimble, and engaging to drive. But it's kinda slow. Fortunately the aftermarket is huge for these cars, and this one has a full suspension and turbocharger! Check out Jason's fit on WheelWell! https://www.wheelwell.com/profile/557a001c529551306bee1e34/vehicles/557a004 0529551306bee1e36/specs/

K20 Supercharged Honda Fit
not mine, but still crazy awesome.