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Best fuel consumption for a 5.7 litre Hemi ever !

Jeep says 11.4 Litres / 100 km (Hwy) 17.0 Litres / 100 km (City) we beg to differ !


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Jeep Grand Cherokee HEMI @ The Watagans
Jeep Grand Cherokee HEMI @ The Watagans - 5 Ways - Cut Rock - Plank Hill

Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.7L Hemi 0-60
Seeing what the 5.7's got. Clocked at 6.84

Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.7 HEMI 25 to 110mph
just a shot of my 2006 jeep grand cherokee 5.7 HEMI doin a little 25 to 110.....not as fast as my old 300c srt-8 but i got a good deal trading it in for this and this will dominate in the snow

Insert from MythBusters - Tailgate Up or Down 2 (from More Myths Revisited) fuel consumption test
This is a part from More Myths Revisited episode 64 where boys are testing fuel consumption in addition to tailgate up/down, also tested hardcover over pickup bed, tailgate removed, and tailgate mesh. Testing done with an electronic flowmeter hooked into fuel line for precise measuring.

Jeep on the Rollercoaster
~~Please go to the re-make version of this movie on: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DwYNtIrmrdI~~ big cohones, only non-owner could have done it.

Diablosport Predator How To:Program a Hemi by DCXDEPOT.com
How to use your Diablosport Predator to program your Hemi, Get the stock tune off of it and load a custom tune onto it.

Fifth Gear. Fuel Economy Road Test
Fifth Gear. Fuel Economy Road Test So, does tyre pressure, save on weight in your car, use an engine management system to Boost fuel economy actually do anything? A few myths are put to bed. When this went out petrol was a massive £1.20 per litre, now March 2013, its £1.35 - £1.40 per litre and rising...


Grand Cherokee 4.7L 01 VS Grand Cherokee 5.7L 06
5.7 hemi with K&N and hypertech chip vs 4.7 with K&N and superchips, 3.73 gear.... 5.7 and 4.7 straight Exhaust

Jeep Grand Cherokee Hemi Throttlebody Spacer and Dual Intake
Zoomed in on the throttlebody spacer, and then the dual intake. Both companies I bought these from said they wouldn't fit...HA...take a look at this, and it sounds GREAT!!

burnout with a hemi grand 2wd overland, did sum killer one-leggers

08 HEMI JEEP pulling out a STUMP
08 HEMI JEEP pulling out a STUMP

Diablo Sport Predator before and after
Do some research. Diablosport has a website that answers all your questions. You really want my random advice about a $300 product going on your $20,000+ car/truck? Sound sucks, I guess I had a squeak up though the tripod. sorry. Before and after Diablo Sport Predator Tune 93 Octane Performance Tune Shot with Kodak Zi6 05 Dodge Ram 4x4 QCSB Cheap CAI Flowmaster

528 HEMI Start Up On Engine Test Stand
My uncle Cal breaking in the 528 Hemi before it gets dropped into a 1971 Plymouth Scamp race car. Sorry about the turning of the frame during the video, my camera auto turns when I turn the camera. The video will definitely make up for that! Enjoy!!

Chrysler Hemi Monster! 1600 HP 572 TT Chrysler Hemi from Nelson Racing Engines. View in HD.
Check out this new NRE design. NRE's Tom Nelson explaind this new design and talks about what is in the pipe line at NRE and Nelson Supercars. More info and downloadable videos for your IPOD/PS3 at http://nelsonracingengines.com. Watch this cool video in HD. Also go to http://VeritasMovieStudio.com.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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