Tony Arzenta Car Chase 1973

Unknown Car Chase 1970s

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Vanishing Point 1971) trailer

Great Car Chase - Italian Style
This six minute car chase from The Master Touch (1972) is one of my favorites with Giuliano Gemma getting chased all over town, including through a cardboard box factory. There's always a cardboard box factory.

CAR CHASE from "Brannigan" - '75
I am informed the stunt driver who did the LEAP was Peter Brayham - one of British TV and movies' top stuntmen/co-ordinators of the Sixties. Joe Wadham MIGHT have been involved in the street work - he worked on "Robbery" and many other contemporary British movies.

Comedy Car Chase - '79
from "High Point" - note the disappearing and re-appearing windscreen in the MGB!