GoPro: SLNT BLU Mustang Gt 5.0 Turbo

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Playing around 2013 hellion twin turbo gt

GoPro: Turbo Nitrous ProComp dragbikes drag racing NHDRO Indy 2012 GoPro: turbo Nitrous ProComp dragbikes drag racing NHDRO Indy 2012! With the GoPro Camera mounted on the back of Keith Lynn's turbocharged AND Nitrous injected Kawasaki as he tries to out run Mark Paquette in the far lane on one wheel! He even crosses the center line after the finish, this is 1/8 mile Pro Comp motorcycle drag racing from Indy 2012, subscribe for more video from this event we have tons of Boosted bikes pushing big Nitrous and big turbo power out the back door:

Talon vs turbo Mustang
11.55 @ 127 to 11.45 @ 127 but I won on a holeshot

Extreme TURBO failure
Filmed back in 2004 this video shows what happens when a turbocharger suffers a catastrophic failure. Here the turbine wheel breaks off the shaft and exits via the Exhaust. This is why you should run a cross pipe inside the Exhaust to prevent this from happening on a drag car. Just to clarify some of the comments regarding what turbo it was? It was a Garrett TA45 journal bearing turbocharger.