PANTALLA Sounstream VIR-8310NRBT

Pantalla giratoria soundstream modelo 2010 encuentrala en

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Soundstream DVD 8.3
DVD soundstream on a 2004 honda civic in Brazil

Soundstram VIR-8310NRBT
Soundstram VIR-8310NRBT

Estereo soundstream vir-8310nrbt

Power Acoustik 8.3 PTID-8310NR in my Pontiac G6
4/20/12 - Deck is still going strong!!! 1.5 years of use How to convert .FLV files to work on the Deck It was slightly more difficult than a standard headunit to install but overall not bad. The deck is amazing, the user interface is sharp, the audio equilizer options are satisfying, the screen is beautiful and overall the deck adds alittle bit of BAMF to my car. Please feel free to ask question if you are interested in this deck. Review: The screen is very clear and has great contrast and resolution. It is extremely responsive to touch. There are ample selection on the Menu screens. I have no really played around with the screen saver function because I always have music video's on. The mechanical screen components that are responsble for the rotation seem very solid and reliable. The overall build quality for this product is great. The sound quality is much better than my stock headunit and is suitable for casual listening even at high volumes (I have replaced all of my car speakers with aftermarket pinoeers) I use the SD card slot for my videos-- LOADS VERY FAST PRO's My deck will lose my custom setting once in awhile. Not a huge deal.. I think its an issue with the constant power source in my G6. There is a-lot of wiring to do and it was a tight squeeze in my dash. COP's WILL PULL YOU OVER if your not careful. PRO's You will begin to hear "WOW that's big" all the time Amazing price, Great Sound, Great Picture Quality --- I DO NOT HAVE GPS, TV TUNER or BACKUP CAM hooked up... IF YOU HAVE 300$ and are comfortable with car audio wiring this is a must- buy. FYI - TO PLAY MUSIC VIDEOS and DVD's while Driving you must wire the PINK parking brake wire to the black ground.