RideTech SHOCKWAVE air suspension

RideTech's unique combination of an air spring with a coil-over shock resulted in the ultimate adjustable air suspension system. Available in several designs for different applications: SHOCKWAVE 1000 series, SHOCKWAVE 104 series, SHOCKWAVE 7000 series and SHOCKWAVE 8000 series. http://www.summitracing.com/redirect?banner=SocialYT1077

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Firestone Sport-Rite Air Helper Springs Installation - 2005 Chevrolet Silverado - etrailer.com
http://www.etrailer.com/Vehicle-Suspension/Chevrolet/Silverado/2005/F2320.h tml?vehicleid=20051008105 Today on this 2005 Chevrolet Silverado, well be installing part number F2320, the Firestone Fort Ride Air Helper Springs. We have all the parts in our car here. First well take our air fitting and screw it into place. Run it down until it stops and then will have to turn more. Now take the bracket and set it on top, and then install our two 3/8 bolts. Well go ahead and tighten those down. Next well flip it over and install our flat round disc and then our bottom bracket which will be sitting on the top of the spring. Well use another 3/8 bolt to fasten the bracket into place. Well fit that in just enough for the thing to hold together. Heres a jaunt stop that we have to remove and modify. There is a bolt holding in place. All right now we need to take apart the jaunts bumper. We got to remove the hardware from the bumper itself. Whats going to happen is the space were going to be adding to the top of this with a longer bolt. Were going to put this in the bench device and were going to knock the bolt straight down. All right now, were going to go ahead and see how the bolt and spacer gets installed. Were going to take our 15mm metric bolt and lock washer, and were going to install that from the bottom side. Then were going to add a little bit of electric tape to the thread right here, just help hold it in position. Then well take our spacer and flat it over the top. And then well attach this to the frame with the flat washer and a metric nut. Go ahead and take our spring assembly and one half will sit over the U bolt for the springs and the other half will sit right around the springs right here. And then the clamp on the bottom holds it in place. Here we take our bottom clamp and put it into place. Were going to go ahead and tighten this down as best by the instructions and proper tools. There are couple things well look out for. You want this sitting any higher than the edge of the frame, and you want to have a sitting level at the top of the frame as well. And when you drill these two holes out here, on the backside theres two ribs or gussets behind here. Just make sure we drill your holes up in between those. All right, once you get your bracket in place, well have mark out our holes, were going to use the 3/8 bit to find the center. Then well drill up a high hole and then go ahead and put in an attachment point. Then Ill hole the bracket puller so we can find to in the level on it. All right, were going to install the great eight 3/8 bolt. And the backside, well get the large flat washer and locking flange nut. All right, well go ahead and just snug it down, just enough to hold everything in place. Now, the bracket in place, well go ahead and mark and drill the rest of our holes. With the holes drilled, were going to start installing the hardware going towards back, its going to be the same as the bolt we started off to begin with, and then going towards the front is going to use these Q handle nuts. We take this handle and just bend it any way you want to get the angle you need to reach up in there, and this will install the bolt. The bolt hardware installed, then go ahead and snug it down and then torque it down as written in the instructions. Our air springs installed, lets go ahead and start working with the airline. Were going to take one end of the air line. Were going to use the tubing cutter to make sure its cut straight and even. Well take this end and push it into our air line fitting. Just push it in until it stops, were going to gently tug back, and its already done. Now its going to route our line to the back of the vehicle. All right, well take the air line to me and well go ahead and pull it to bumper. All right, were actually not directing to the bracket for the factorys southern pull, and see how we had already installed for a drivers side, were going to add one more for the passenger side. All right, were going to add our fitting, pushing it into place, add a flat washer, another flat washer and then our nut. All right, well take some zip ties that come with the kit and go and zip tie the line to keep it from moving around. And then well go ahead and supply air to it and watch it work. And there you have it for part number F2320 from Firestone. Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.


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