GSX-R600 k9 white 10 GoPro HD crash!!

Noooooo!! One morning it happened.

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Suzuki GSX-R 600 K6 Lowside Crash
Little Lowside Crash with my GSX-R. I think there was oil on the road. Recorded with GOPRO Hero 3 white edition. Rider is still alive :)

EPIC Motorcycle Fly By COMPILATION - 2016
A compilation of all the fly bys ive caught over the years with my GO PRO!!! Enjoy!!!

GSXR Crash, broken handlebar, and "Well maybe I can"
Minor high-side at Stratotech Park, outside of Edmonton. Too much throttle and getting sloppy with body position. Landed on top of my bike and held onto the handlebars until the bitter end.

So, bike is wrecked! only had it for about a month and a bit! :( On my way home riding it, everything was going through my head as to what I did wrong, what if I had gone slower, what if I had followed one of my buddies down, were my tires warm enough for what I was asking the bike to do. Nothing will change what has happened. I thought mainly about what would of happened if a car was coming the other way seeing as I slid on to the opposite side, I'd be brown bread! Despite coming off, and destroying my new bike. I'm happy I am still here to ride another day, just need to save up to repair the GSXR and I'll be back out again to regain my confidence! Thanks for sticking around guys. 1+ internet cookie to whoever actually reads this shit haha