'99 Mercury Cougar Vs. '03 Mazda 6

Stock 2003 V6 Mazda 6 raced against a 1999 V6 Mercury Cougar with Borla Exhaust and CAI

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05 Mustang GT v 99 Mercury Cougar
05 Paxton S/C Mustang vs stock Cougar. Yes the Cougar was WOT. Yes I realize it was a pointless race.

Eclipse Gs de Jka vs Cougar v6

1999 Mercury Cougar 3L Turbo "Time Warp"
Video camera was securely locked into the camera holder, but the holder was slightly loose. This lended to create a really cool "Time Warp" effect. The turbo is a Precision SC-61 and the turbo kit is home made using a TiAL 50mm BOV and TiAL 38mm wastegate and all 304SS tubing.

1999 Mercury Cougar
(Sold) Walkaround of a 1999 Mercury Cougar with a 2.0L 4 cylinder motor and 5 speed manual transmission. It has a body kit, spoiler, fiberglass hood with a functional hood scoop, aftermarket stereo system and tons more! Check out my Facebook page for the latest updates and inventory: www.facebook.com/mncarguy