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AirportOshkoshW-2206 001.avi

A late 60's era Oshkosh WT-2206 w/Frink roll over plow moves some heavy wet snow effortlessly at the airport


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Cat 938G upclose plowing snow
Upclose with a wheel loader moving snow on my street


Oshkosh Snow Plow 1936
Dad Plowing snow east of Barnum Minnesota. Late 1930's. Please check out my other plowing videos.

Oshkosh Plowing 2
More opening the road!

INDOT Oshkosh Snow Plow
SkyhawkACE123 and I were on our way to Valpo to make some money shoveling snow when we saw this guy. We chased him from Westville all the way to LaPorte (The road was terrible and he wasn't even plowing) until we could get a shot of him. Here he is plowing Highway 35 south from LaPorte.

Oshkosh plowing test run 2
This is my first winter with the truck. It had not run in at least 15 years. I got it running enough to do my driveway and check out its operation. It only has 29000 miles on it. It is an old state of Nebraska truck. I have a V plow and a wing also for it.

Deere 544J Plowing Snow
A Deere 544J wheel loader plowing a parking lot with a box plow.

1947 Oshkosh Plow truck
1947 Oshkosh W-703.

PTO blower on 1952 M37 Dodge Power Wagon
Dodge M37 w/ PTO blower and electric spout and chute rotation Wisconsin VH4D engine power in bed

Oshkosh plowing snow on Decker Mtn. in Sebago, Maine
My 1963 Oshkosh M4819 pushing snow on Decker Mtn. in Sebago. Snow was drifted into the road 4' deep. The tips of the V are 7' tall.

Caterpillar 12 Snow plow
Dad plowing snow around Barnum Minnesota 1962

Extreme snow plow trucks
these are some really nice restored snow plow trucks.

Oshkosh Concrete Mixer Does Donuts In Snow
Company Safety Committee Member / Mixer Driver sets a good example for the rest of the fleet. Surveillance camera in parking lot captures perfect driving form as $190,000.00 Concrete Mixer is flung around in circles.

A sunday drive in my Oshkosh through downtown Pittsburgh
Made a loop through downtown Pittsburgh

Oshkosh Snow Plow 1936
My Dad plowing snow in the late 1930's. Barnum Minnesota.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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