AirportOshkoshW-2206 001.avi

A late 60's era Oshkosh WT-2206 w/Frink roll over plow moves some heavy wet snow effortlessly at the airport

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Cat 140M Snow Removal 2
Cat 140M clearing the street in Oslo, Norway 2011-03-14/Cat 140M snöröjning i Oslo, Norge 2011-03-14

Unbelievable Snowplow Crash! Snowplow truck fail!
Snowplow truck rolls over

Snowplows Plowing
Plowing out some side roads in Sioux Falls. 2009 Copyright

INDOT Oshkosh Snow Plow
SkyhawkACE123 and I were on our way to Valpo to make some money shoveling snow when we saw this guy. We chased him from Westville all the way to LaPorte (The road was terrible and he wasn't even plowing) until we could get a shot of him. Here he is plowing Highway 35 south from LaPorte.