AirportOshkoshW-2206 001.avi

A late 60's era Oshkosh WT-2206 w/Frink roll over plow moves some heavy wet snow effortlessly at the airport

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Dulles Snow Removal - Blizzard of December 2009
Dulles International Airport Snow Removal during the December 2009 Blizzard. MWAA snow teams and contractors worked around the clock to keep the airport safe during the regions worst snow storm in many years.

Blizzard Draco - Heavy Snow Removal at Wittman Airport [Dec. 20 2012]
Watch as the snow removal crew at Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh, WI battles historic Blizzard Draco. Special thanks to Wittman Regional Airport director Peter Moll and the crew for making this video possible.

Oshkosh snow plow movie
Model P-2025 Oshkosh plow truck, with Cat. 1673 C engine. 5 and 4 tranny. 12 ft. benching wing and large one way plow. It is a 1972.

Mike & Dave Oshkosh Rollover Plow