AirportOshkoshW-2206 001.avi

A late 60's era Oshkosh WT-2206 w/Frink roll over plow moves some heavy wet snow effortlessly at the airport

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Oshkosh Plow
Seven Spring Mountain Resort's 1991 Oshkosh plow truck.

Lot# 299 - 1976 Oshkosh P.K. Plow Truck
You can bid on this item at Look for Deerfield Auctions - Black Top Bottom Dollar sale.

Road snow plowing by a Fendt Vario tractor - January 15th 2011
After a afternoon with intense snow fall, the roads started to fill up with snow. And I saw this renault fendt tractor plowing the road, and I decided to capture it on video! Recorded in Oslo, Norway with Sony HDR-TG3 camcorder

Mike Tells Us a Little About the Walter Snow Fighter
We just got the Frink V-plow dragged to the Walter and pinned on. Mike tells some stuff about his Walter.