Viper Racing Unofficial Fan Trailer

An excellent racing game that still (in my opinion) seems comparable gameplay-wise to today's racers. What I consider to be top-notch AI, advanced damage modeling, and an easy-to-learn, yet still complex driving model make this game a great classic. This Unofficial trailer was made entirely by myself, using FRAPS to record the video, and Windows Movie Maker to compile it all. Music: Shadow - The Prodigy

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Games which deserve more attention: VIPER RACING
Annotaions added, turn them off if you want... Let's start with the basics... Developer: MGI Release: 1998 Genre: Racing Additional Source & Active Communities: Why this game is so great.... - Because it poses a TRUE challenge to us pistonheads, unlike the modern racing games made espcially for braindead zombies or kids who want to be pro since they pick up the controller for the first time. - Because, considering the standards of the 1998 is an eye-candy product: it has an inner paint editor, with import and export function, all of the racing locales have their unique look, the quality and fidelty of the engine sound was 1 notch above the samples used in granturismo 5 ( yes, start trolling now, dear fanboys ) it also has a really accurate damage model, both visual and physical. - Because it supports add-on material such as additional racing locales and cars, some good examples of that can be found on the VRGT site, just google it if you're interested. - Because basic modding is easy to perform once you understood how to use the modding tools, many of the cars shown in this video are made by other people, and I have updated them with somewhat realistic sounds...the C5.R and the red competition coupe are an example of that. - Because it is uberrauchin ( what? ) funny by its own, and the additional material increases exponentially this factor, hell, you can even dowload rally tracks and rally cars, dragsters, wheelstanders, vintage LeMans cars, modern F1 cars and more! - Hornball 'nuff said. FACT: this game needs way more attention, more respect, and most important a MOTHERF**** proper remake with modern technology.

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