Viper Racing Unofficial Fan Trailer

An excellent racing game that still (in my opinion) seems comparable gameplay-wise to today's racers. What I consider to be top-notch AI, advanced damage modeling, and an easy-to-learn, yet still complex driving model make this game a great classic. This Unofficial trailer was made entirely by myself, using FRAPS to record the video, and Windows Movie Maker to compile it all. Music: Shadow - The Prodigy

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Retro PC Gaming 2: Viper racing, 1998 by Monster Games
As a sunday treat, here's a series of 11 short videos about old PC games, and how they got me started with PC gaming. Many PC games was released on the Atari ST and the Amiga as well, so I've mostly played games on these, and used the old 286 or the P2 for dull things, like Works-documents. There's no particular order in which the games are presented. Music: Midi-file from Settlers by Blue Byte

Craftyho Viper Racing 1998 gameplay - part 1
Dnes Vám přináším gameplay z jedné staré hry ke které jsem se dostal jen náhodou... =)) DOWNLOAD:

viper racing car mods
old viper racing game......

Viper Racing for PC Review and Crashes
PLEASE READ: I'm no longer uploading on this channel and have a solo channel which you can find here: If you enjoy this video please check out my new channel instead, many thanks. Today we take a look at viper racing for the pc. Review Rating: 9/10 - Awesome . UPDATE 2016: We no longer post video's to this channel, if you want to see our new content, please see links below: Subscribe to our new joint channel: We also make videos individually here: Joe's Channel: Nathan's Channel: