ATV Ice Racing Rollover Crash

NWIRC ATV quad oval ice racing on Lake Como, Bloomer, WI. February 12, 2011. The rider was not hurt.

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Worst atv quads crashes fails compilation 2015 wypadki kraksy upadki zderzenia na quadach #2 New video every saturday :) Nowy film w kazda sobote :) thanks for the films they go to:

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SONGS- Machine Head- Clenching the fists of dissent Lamb of God- Contractor Pantera- Primal Concrete Sledge This videos is a mixture of the Flagstaff Fury series Ty Clark - black/yellow/orange YFZ 450 Ryan Bell- black/orange TRX 450 Josh Quigley- LTR 450 Edited by Ty Clark Sorry no motor sounds cause my camera didn't capture sound. This video has the same footage from Ryantrx's Flagstaff Fury video. But we both love editing so we both made our own versions! enjoy

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to licence this clip please contact ice& snow= playtime!!

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Will the dirtbikes get away? Will the police catch them? Watch from adrenaline pumping perspectives as dirtbikers and ATV riders flee from police, hitting side streets and sections of woods to escape from the law! Watch the new video on the PoliceCompilations channel - Sorry about the delay in uploads. Busy negotiating new partnership among other legal issues. Thank for watching, as always. Hopefully by November we will be starting a more "legitimate" routine - with scheduled uploads so you will always have a video to come home to. Check out our website: Check out our twitter: Check out our facebook: Check out PoliceCompilations: Thanks for watching, and thanks for reading this far down! Any questions, concerns, or licensing information can be found either on our website, or via a quick email to! The full video of 3:42 is available at Full intro video here: THESE ACTIONS PRESENTED IN THESE VIDEOS ARE ILLEGAL AND DANGEROUS. We suggest you do not attempt to recreate these videos. Every video clip in this compilation was filmed on a closed course in Mexico with professional drivers as part of a police training initiative.