Honda accord V6 vs Toyota corolla XRS

Accord: intake, 3" Exhaust Corolla: Intake, header, Exhaust, APEXi powerFC tune, + misc.

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NISMO 350z vs Toyota corolla XRS
NISMO 350z: stock Corolla XRS: Intake, header, Exhaust, powerFC tune, +misc.

corolla xrs

Corolla Xrs vs Integra Gsr
both stock

CD5 Accord VS 05-06 Corolla XRS VVTLi[HD]
My CD5 VS a buddy's Corolla XRS VVTL-i. Corolla has intake & Exhaust at the time of this race. This was back in Sept of 2010 and that night my camcorder got comphiscated by the f*cking trooper. Just got it back, and now I'm uploading these long lost vids. :D View it 720p HD! XRS, Accord, H22 Accord, VVTLi VS H22, Corolla XRS VVTLi, Accord EX Swap, Accord EX, Honda Accord, JDM H22A swap, Corolla VS Accord, Corolla XRS VS H22 Accord, JDM H22A, H22 Accord, H22 CD5 Accord, JDM H22 swap Accord, Accord H22A swap, CD5 H22, H22A CD5, Hondasociety, Honda Society, Accord Tuner, Accordingly done, Accord SiR, JDM CD6, JDM CD5, JDM CB9, JDM CB7, H22 CB7, CB7 H22 Accord, CB7 H22A, JDM H22A CB7, CB7 Tuner, Canon EOS T3i, Canon T3i Video Test, Canon T3i Film Test, 18-55mm Film Test, Honda Accord EX, H22A Accord, JDM H22A, JDM H23A VTEC Accord, G22 Accord, G23 Accord, K24 swap Accord, K24 swap CD5 Accord