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sr20 det 890hp

sr20 det 890hp


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Nissan SR20-DET Block Resurfacing
John Edwards discusses some of the reasons why aluminum blocks require resurfacing and how it's done on the Sunnen HBS-1300 @ Costa Mesa R&D Automotive Machine 949.631.6376 www.engine-machining.com

hillclimb montee tros marets 2013 nissan silvia drift 1
Pieter Gouwy drifts Nissan Silvia up the hill at tros marets hillclimb

BMW E30 w/ SR20det -- 271hp/241tq

sr20det e30
e30 powered by a sr20det 195rwkw @ 16psi

sr20det full rebuild
full rebuild ,all parts news + garret gt2871r,264/264 cams,modified head engine , etcetcetc............

240SX S14 SR20DET Dyno Pull
240sx with sr20det on the Dyno. Mods are basically intake, Exhaust and raised Boost.

BMW E30 V8 Take 2!!
This is my 1UZFE powered BMW E30, i took it out to my local track again today for a bit of fun. These were all road cars/drivers so we had to take it fairly easily, no out braking each other etc. We didn't want any dings!!. Unfourtunitly for me my brake Booster seal blew in a warm up lap earlier in the day ( Booster needs a rebuild now) so i only had man power to brake......so needess to say i had bugger all brakes but still enough to have some fun as well as clean up some turbos Jappa"s (Mazda Spirit R RX7, Nissan 200SX,Silvia,r33 GTR, and a few mr2s) and my personal favourite Porsche's, one 911 Carrera4 3.6 with a carrera cup Exhaust (sounds so good) and one Caymen S so i was well chuffed with that!! There was a GT2 Porsche out there but due to various reasons we didn't get near each other all day, oh well maybe next time. I'm sure if it was pedaled well it would of totally left me in its dust anyway. I'm starting to get my heal toe going but due to the brakes being Boosterless i couldn't heal toe because the pedal had to much travel so don't mock me haha. This is a 1986 325i e30 powered by a late model high compression 1uzfe Lexus v8, was Dynoed at 280 rear wheel horsepower but i suspect its more like 250-260 RWHP. The engine has hand made extractors, link computer, custom airbox and intake, 5 puck ceramic clutch, shortshifted upgraded and cut w55 5speed box, race radiator other upgrades i can think of are upgraded LSD, Keskin and ACS wheels, ACS Front and side kit, Modified MTECH rear and wing, new paint, ACS strut brace, whiteline sways, GC Camber/castor tops, koni shocks, custom springs, full nothane bushes,EBC Yellow pads, Zionelli S12 rotors, Goodridge Braided lines, leather bucket seats, sounds etc and heaps more

E30 Turbo BMW SR20 DET
www.e30faq.net My E30 with an SR20 running mild mods and an adaptronic. 2.0 60ft, open wheel diff and 15psi Boost. Best ET 13.6 and terminal of 102mph.

s14 sr20det HD driving
A bit more footage of the car here - http://tinyurl.com/84eywur Thanks for all the positive comments! Not trying to dorifto around, just getting a feel for the edge of grip with some rake adjustments I had just made, thought I'd bring the camera along

240sx s-14 sr20det engine basic bolt ons.

SR20DET RS*R Exhaust Sound
Short clip of RS*R Exmag Exhaust on an S13 SR20DET with a test pipe, stock manifold, Greddy O2 extension and S15 T28.

My SR20det (Green Machine) after rebuild
Just a quick list of stuff i've baught and done to the motor during its down time. Hopefully this will inspire some people to take their builds to the next level and spend some extra time on them. I make good money but not alot. You can have a built motor in no time if you pick away at it and dont rush things. Thanks alot to Butler & Macmasters Automotive in Hallowell Maine for the amazing machine work, assembly and care of my motor. Thanks to Erics Performance parts out in Cali for good prices on some hard to find replacements!. Thanks to West Covina Nissan as well for the Great customer service and speedy delivery. Enjoy.

S14 SR20 Startup
Startup on the S14 SR20 with HKS cams, upgraded turbo, etc 330 rwhp

BMW E30 SR20DET sounds
What you are watching: Straight pipe wheelspin launch, bit of wheelspin/eventual clutch slip in 2nd there..(stops slipping when hot hot hot). 0-100 (zero-ish) with some clutch slip. New Exhaust with just the resonator. Complete new Exhaust with 18in bullet resonator and triple flow muffler in 2.5in pipe, no Exhaust tip poking out of the rear kit when filmed..

Super2NR Nissan vs Honda SR20DET Part1
Super2NR TV Club Battle Nissan vs Honda aka SERCA vs Honda-Tech.. This event was a blast all the crap talking was for TV and all the Honda guys where a pleasure to meet and we had a blast ;)

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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