Saab 9000 turbo destruction

Saab 9000 driving over a shit before destruction!

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Saab 9000 - Saab Scania
Saab 9000 1984, Version: Deutsch

R.i.P Saab 9000-87
me and some of my friends should have recorded the last minutes of me and my friend saab 9000, but before we had the chance to pick up the camera my friend drove the car into the woods and the driveshaft got damaged and the car wouldnt we smashed it in a few minutes and here's the result imab inc : imab for life

FAST +520 HP Saab 9000 AERO Vs E55 AMG 400 HP (No S/C) 50-300 Km/h
A really fast Saab 9000 AERO with fully a built engine, +520 HP. E55 has headers,Exhaust and ECU ~ 400 HP.

Saab 9000 CD
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