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Küche80 by Speedays08 , Ax 2 GTi´s 1 GT



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Présentation de la nouvelle Citroën AX
VHS RIP septembre 86 Fin 86, voici la petite dernière de Citroën. Remarquablement conçue (vidéo de sa conception déjà en ligne), très rationnelle et détentrice de nombreux records, sa finition perfectible au moins sur les premières versions vont lui donner une image peu sérieuse mais ceux qui en ont eu (en bon état) ne peuvent que saluer toutes ses qualités et son caractère forcément attachant.

Citroen Ax First 16v back at the Nurburgring!
After 2 years it's back! and we had a blast this time at the green hell! Done a total of three laps this time, this was the second lap of the day. About 30 degrees Celsius ambient temperature which was quite hot. The tires really didn't liked it and started losing grip quite early limiting the grip and braking power. Citroen AX with a TU5J4 Conversion running 140 bhp @750kg.

Essai comparatif Citroën AX 5 portes face aux supercinq, 205, Uno, Métro, Corsa
VHS rip 1987 Destiné à la force de vente et argumentation Citroën. Hélas aussi agréable à regarder que la gamme bx 1988 rien que pour le probable problème de budget musique !!!, mais un document qui a le mérite d'exister pour vanter les mérites de cette astucieuse petite voiture.

One year job

Citroen AX MAXI EVO 2 Politis G Anavasi Ritsonas 2013 SRT motorsport
Citroen AX MAXI EVO 2 Prepared from www.srtmotorsport.gr/info@srtmotorsport.gr

Citroen AX turbo 500 (2)
citroen ax 1.8 turbo in car videos 0.8 bar out car videos 1.0 bar.... by under-ground.gr!!

citroen ax by greece
Produced with CyberLink PowerDirector 11

AX diesel Nurburgring record lap 9:55 BTG
Citroën AX 14D « Entreprise » -- 1993 -- 685.100 km -- 1,360 litre diesel engine 52 hp -- 720 kg The car is stock except: xenon lights, front tyres (A048), increased fuel pressure, strutbar (because of the mileage of the body) and an aluminum intake from 1.5D engine (because of the strutbar). This record lap was done on Saturday August 17th 2013 at 8:37am. It was the 118th Nordschleife lap for this car and my 10th attempt trip (1115 km away from Bordeaux in France). Lap timing equipment = mobile phone with Harry's Lap Timer and a XGPS150 Bluetooth receiver. It took me a lot of time and patience to achieve a "Bridge To Gantry" lap time under 10 minutes during the tourist drive sessions at the Nordschleife. This challenge was definitely for fun but also to prove it could be done with work, tenacity and a bit of madness too... I have been chasing the 'perfect lap' for 7 years with no traffic, no road works, fresh air, dry track, no driving mistakes and a reliable drivetrain. This TUD3 diesel engine is known for its poor reliability and I went through 9 engines and 5 gearboxes! Here I want to thank all the people who spent time to help me work on this little car. With such a non-powerful car, if you kill the momentum you're done, and in many corners I tend to overdrive the car trying to maximize momentum. For this reason, my video is not a driving lesson at all! During all these years I tried to be respectful of the Nürburgring tourist drive rules, the other users (faster and slower cars) and the people working on the track. Recording movies and lap times is not allowed, in theory...but I made this video to show you don't necessarily need a sport car and a lot of money to enjoy driving. Racing is a state of mind.

Citroen AX turbo 500 ps under-ground.gr greece
citroen ax 1.8 turbo under-ground.gr

Brdo - Malacka 2008 - Ivo Ivancevic - Citroen AX GTi

Citroën AX
Video com algumas imagens do maravilhoso AX...Comentem

Ax Gti 1/4 meile Kindel Eisenach / Küche80 Crew
Ax Gti the Rat von der Küche Crew lässt krachen.kindel 2007

Citroen AX GTi Kaffeefahrt Nordschleife CHC (Einfuehrungsrunde)
Einfuehrungsrunde CHC Nordschleife AX GTi gefilmt von Polo1

Citroën AX GT injection - Brockje - Last Ride!
Film van de sloop van de AX met de naam Brockje. Deze AX is gebouwd op 12 december 1990 en is gedemonteerd op 3 februrari 2007. Brockje was een AX GT Injection die binnen de AXClub (www.axclub.net) van meerdere mensen is geweest en ook erg bekend is. In 2006 is deze AX GT nog opgeknapt door een bekend clublid maar uiteindelijk, op 2 februari 2007, is ook deze AX (toch wel helaas) aan z'n einde gekomen. Kenteken: ZJ-73-RR

2ª KDD ClubAX España
Remake del anterior video, espero que os guste más!!

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