BATEAM RED BULL caisse a savon 2008 test 00001


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Didn't BRAKE - buggy rollin Kaunertal Downhill 2003 short V
kaunertal igsa downhill wolrd cup reedited uncluding young mi yu pictures. It is possible to see that i get in the curve without braking. it was ossible after one week trainning on this road and a special downhill wheel seting. but this seting is heayer, so less easy to run and play full positions. was there any transformer movie in the cinemas in 2003 ?

It's the most brutal bike you'll ever see...

Sportbike water wheelie
Water wheelie on sportbike

Wheels of Tomorrow One Wheeler (Monocycle) One wheel vehicle (Monocycle) built by Kerry McLean and recorded by mr.d of kimerykreations at Schoolcraft College "Wheels of Tomorrow" in Livonia Michigan USA. For Kerry McLean it all started with the first monocycle he built in 1971 and after his first ride he was smitten with the bug to make it better. Kerry has been building his unique monocycles ever since then and he continues to refine his creation with each new model. Kerry has developed and sold numerous versions of his monowheel, the smallest which is powered by a 5 hp Briggs lawn mower engine and his largest model is powered by a Buick V8 engine! Visit McLean Monocycle on Facebook or their website for more information.