BMW Ring Taxi - A Lap With Sabine Schmitz

This is a lap of the "Green Hell" with Sabine Schmitz on the 5th of September 2010. It was great to have Sabine as our driver, and a huge thanks to her and BMW RingTaxi for the thrill of being driven at high speed on a track that takes many years to learn. We had so much fun, and highly recommend it to anyone going to Germany, that likes the Nurburgring, and isn't game enough to bring their own car, or hire a track day car. And we can't help but congratulate Sabine for saying the line "I tell you something, I could do that lap time in a van", which ultimately led to Jeremy Clarkson pretty much being beaten around the 'ring by Sabine in a diesel Ford Transit van. I hope to come back in a few years and do it again! Worth flying from Australia for :)

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bad day for sabine schmitz

Sabine Schmitz Action Beautiful BMW M5 E60 Ringtaxi Drift´s @ Carfreitag Adenauer Forst 2007 ✔
Hier haben wir noch schönes Material vom 06.04.2007 (Carfreitag) gefunden, in dem Sabine mit dem BMW M5 E60 Ringtaxi quer durch den Adenauer Forst jagdt. Wir hoffen, dass Euch das Video gefällt, wenn ja kommentiert es und abonniert bitte unseren Kanal, danke! :-)

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Fifth Gear Season 23 Episode 6, Tiff Needell and Sabine Schmitz review the Caterham 7 Supersport R, Morgan 3 Wheeler, and Ariel Atom 3.5

Sabine Schmitz Nürburgring Hot Lap GT3RS - 4/25/2014
Porsche GT3RS lap with Sabine Schmitz, the "Queen of the 'Ring", during VLN race series open practice on April 25, 2014. This is the full circuit (GP + Nordschleife). Sabine and her Frikadelli (meatball) team raced the following day, qualified second and finished sixth. She reported that the race was very "crashy." Weather here is partially overcast. Interestingly: The analog speedo display here matches what was shown in the car -- I remember looking over on the straight and seeing over 300kph, which is what the video's analog overlay shows around 9:14 -- but the digital readout doesn't agree with it throughout the video. The digital might be a GPS overlay. Thanks to RSR Nuerburgring for setting this up!