'93 Ford Probe GT Hotshot-style Headers In-Car

'93 Ford Probe GT video from inside of the car. Mods are Chromeintakes CAI, MX3 Flywheel, Luk Clutch, Jeff Jeske Testpipe, Borla cat-back, Edelbrock Honda Civic STS, Hotshot-style headers, AWR Motor Mounts, KLZE IM, Tokico Illumina Suspension Kit, Probinator EPROM chip, and 65mm TB

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Ford Probe 2,5GT maximum speed
Ford Probe 2,5GT maximum speed na dálnici D5 Plzeň-Rokycany

one fast probe
95 probe gt, custom Exhaust

Ford Probe GT v6 Turbo@ 11.2psi Dyno Results
321whp/303wtq@ 11.2psi Boost@ 19-20ish ignition advance. 12-12.5AFR. Tuned via Tunerstudio Software ECU: DIYPNP v1.1 diypnp.com, msextra.com, probetalk.com, turboperformance.de, tunerstudio.com

1993 Ford Probe GT 0-100 Comparison
just doing a little comparison test for when i get my KLZE only a Magnaflow Axelback