Mazda 3 - 3 Rotor loud rotory sound follow 1 Lap 2012 @Zolder

Here you will hear the 3 Rotor mazda 3 that is driving on a really calm Zolder. The sound is just amazing! The BTCS has stopped so this car is active in the dutch supercar challenge.

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Mazda 3 sedan 20b racecar First race of 2013 (Zolder)
Mazda 3 sedan 20B racecar. (axela) 3 rotor engine with approx. 450hp (N/A, no turbo) Rear wheel drive Sadev 6 speed seq. gearbox Drechsler diff BMW competition suspension Moton shocks BMW racing ABS Porsche central wheel nut system Motec m880 ecu Motec adl2 dash Uniroyal fuel cell Certified roll cage ATS racing wheels Team: Van Herck Racing Driver: Werner Van Herck (B) event: FIA GT track: Circuit Zolder race series: Supercar Challenge date: 19, 20 and 21 april 2013 This video includes footage from the training session, qualifying and the 2 races of the weekend. Qualified 3rd in GTB class (out of 5 entries) and 14th overall (out of 17 entries) race 1 result: finished 2nd in GTB class and 12th overall race 2 result: finished 4th in GTB class and 13th overall improvements from last years car. - bigger wing - canards on front bumper - new/stronger gearbox - flat floor - rear diffuser More video's of this car on my channel. Onboard video of this car from 2014. Check out this site for more info about the car My pictures You can see all my pictures of this car on this link. Like my Facebook page

BOSS GP 2017 Pure Sounds, F1 V10 Jaguar, Toro Rosso, Benetton, GP2, AUTO GP
During the Jim Clark Revival on the 21/22/23 of April 2017. FIA BOSS GP Big open single seaters is the fastest race series in Europe and one of the most spectacular series in the international motorsport world. First race of the series with lots of classic V10F1’s like the Jaguar R5, Benetton B197, Arrows A22, Toro Rosso STR1, and Super Aguri SA06, Panoz DP01 - Champ Car. But also Lola B05/52 - Auto GP, Dallara - GP2 Results after 2 races. Open class (F1) 1. Ingo Gersl Top Speed Toro Rosso STR1 2. Phil Stratford Penn Elcom Racing Benetton B197 3. Wolfgan Jaksch F-Xtreme racing Super Aguri A06 4. Klaas Zwart Ascari Jaguar R5 Formula class 1. Johann Ledermair Ledermair Dallara GP2 2. Mahaveer Rughunathan Coloni Lola B05-52 Auto GP 3. Florian Schnitzenbaumer Top Speed Dallara GP2 4. Salvatore De Plano MM international Dallara GP2 More races will follow this year at ZANDVOORT (NL), PAUL RICARD (FR), ZOLDER (BE), ASSEN (NL), BRNO (CZ) and Imola (IT)

The SKYACTIV®-D Racing Story — Diesel Road to Victory — Mazda Motorsports | Mazda USA
Follow the Mazda racing teams' road to victory as they debut all-new twin-turbo SKYACTIV®-D diesel-powered cars for the 2013 GX Grand-Am race season. Go behind the scenes at Speedsource R&D to witness the grueling preparation, testing and development required to transform an early-production Mazda6 into a race-ready, diesel-powered contender, and turn a trial season into a victorious season—in just four races. Learn more about the SKYACTIV®-D diesel engine [LINK TO: tId=485DC4B7EAB238F2&videoId=cK5SQkEUBdo] Explore the 2014 Mazda6 [ hicleCode=M6G]

Mazda Rx-9
Intro Video of Mazda Rx-9!