trans am dynomax exhaust 1984 3 gen

Preformance Exhaust

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Live Dynomax Muffler Demonstration - Hear them run!
Great video to show different sounds from Dynomax mufflers.

Dynomax Exhaust Sound(1988 Trans Am Lo5 350 W/ Headers))
The car has just gone through a 350 swap. It has headers as well.I hate how quiet it is,but its my dads orders!

1984 Trans Am HO revving
Une vidéo de ma Trans Am de 1984. V8 5.0L HO (L69) de 190ch presque stock : arbre à came et poussoirs Edelbrock, carburateur Holley, caches culbuteurs chromés (lol). Elle tourne très bien malgré ses 177000 miles cependant a besoin d'une sérieuse révision.. A short video of my 177000 miles 1984 Trans Am revving, mostly stock 190hp 5.0L V8 (L69) : Edelbrock camshaft and lifters, Holley carburetor, chrome head covers (lol j/k). She's running fine but needs some work.

1982 Trans Am Dynomax Super Turbo exhaust
Customized 1982 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am with 2.5 inch Magnaflow high flow cat, Dynomax Super turbo 2.5 inch Exhaust system with muffler and correct factory style Exhaust tips. When I bought the car 3 years ago it had a Walker Quiet-Flow 2.5' inch cat-back Exhaust system with a Walker cat. The flow was good but it was too quiet and I didn't liked the revving and sound too much. The plan was to install a stock Exhaust but almost impossible to find here in Europe. I didn't wanted a loud Exhaust or one that sounds like a late 60's or 70's small or big block muscle car because that's not what the thirdgen f-bodies are. I have chosen the Dynomax Exhaust system because it has very good flow quality and sounds close to the stock sound, nearly like the factory 1982-early 1984 dual resonator Exhaust system. It also has a nice noticeable rumble and sound that isn't obnoxious. The Super turbo Exhaust system flows excellently and is very good for my Trans Am's setup. I'm happy with it.