Tims 1948 Peterbilt With 600 horse Cummins Poppin JAKE!

Tim Vail Iron horse trucking hauls a load of logs down Paradise Valley Rd in Whatcom Co. in Wa. state. Tim rebuilt this old truck from the ground up.

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Black - 1965 Peterbilt
1965 Peterbilt 351 owned at operated by Vintage Trucking of Bow, Washington. Trucks appearance does not reflect it's road worthiness and modern upgrades. Powered by a Cummins N14 engine, modern 18 speed transmission, axles and air disk brakes. Works daily in Northwest Washington State.

1948 Peterbilt logging truck Deming Washington.
Tim Vail pulls a hard averse up the back side of Sumas Mt. Near Deming Washington. Tim had totally restored this old truck and made it into an every day user. Tim also pulls a three axle pup trailer at times behind the lead trailer.

Professional driver jackknifing a 53 foot trailer into a parking space.
Take notes, this driver makes short work of getting this buggy into a hole.

Peterbilt logging truck coming off cliff with load in Bellingham,Wa.
Jeff Tellefsen coming off Porter crk up the middle fork rd in Bellingham Wa. 8-11-17