Tims 1948 Peterbilt With 600 horse Cummins Poppin JAKE!

Tim Vail Iron horse trucking hauls a load of logs down Paradise Valley Rd in Whatcom Co. in Wa. state. Tim rebuilt this old truck from the ground up.

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1974 Kenworth "Big James" Hauling Big Wood
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Peterbilt logger comes off a cliff.
Jeff Tellefsen comes off of Porter creek near Bellingham Wa. 8-14-17 . Hauling for ZBW logging. Truck is a 99 Peterbilt with a 550 3406E model Cat motor.

Pete 359 Classic Takeoff
THIS IS IN CANADA just so y'all know. My brother's 1987 Peterbilt 359 Classic workin' in the bush near vassar, mb. sweet smoke! wish mine could do that. It has a 3406B block Cat 425. Oh and a big thanks to you tuber tod3k for giving us the new name for this truck..... "Old Smokey Jerk!" Cheers!

Peterbilt log truck coming off steep cliff .
Jeff Tellefsen coming off Porter crk up the middle fork rd in Bellingham Wa. 8-11-17