Victory Motorcycle Spark Plug Wires

Victory Motorcycle Spark Plug Wires. For Victory Motorcycles 2003-2007 and the newer Victory bikes 2008-Current models. buy at

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(BE SURE TO WATCH PART 2! It has lots of night footage with new Exhaust and other mods) Location- Baytown and Seabrook Texas, United States. Song- Metallica, Bleeding Me.

Various spark plug wire replacement
dude had asked me about changing spark plug wires but failed to specify bike and coil type ... well he commented on something else this morning and I happened to be sitting right here by a bunch of open bikes... This is just a quickie run through dude... Let me know what year/make/model of bike and I will do my best to pull out a bike with the same type of coils so I can do ya better -- we have about 90 bikes of various years at the moment --

Service your bike - spark plugs
This short clip is taken from 'Service your bike' DVD available from

Disconnect and ground spark plug wires (#8)
This procedure can sometimes be the easiest way to disable the ignition system. Disconnect the spark plug wires from the spark plugs. Using a suitable jumper wire, connect the spark plug wire to the engine or frame of the motorcycle, making sure you have a good connection at each end. This will pass the electrical current generated at the ignition coil harmlessly to ground, preventing the motorcycle from starting.