Victory Motorcycle Spark Plug Wires

Victory Motorcycle Spark Plug Wires. For Victory Motorcycles 2003-2007 and the newer Victory bikes 2008-Current models. buy at

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How To Change The Spark Plug On A Motorcycle
Changing the spark plug on your motorcycle is easy. Here is how to change the spark plug on a motorcycle. First, clean the top of the engine where the spark plug is located, so no dirt will fall into the spark plug hole. Remove the motorcycle spark plug by turning it counterclockwise with a spark plug wrench. Examine the old spark plug to see if it is black from running too rich, or oily from oil in the combustion chamber. It should be a light tan color if your motorcycle is tuned properly. Next, check and adjust the gap on the spark plug, put some anti-seize compound on the threads, and put the new spark plug into the hole, turning it 1/2 a turn after the washer contacts the cylinder head. Put some dielectric grease on the spark plug and snap the boot over the spark plug. That's it. That is how to change the spark plug on your motorcycle.