vw drag racing at Atlanta Motor Speedway friday night drags

our 57 drag bug at atlanta motor speedway friday night drags.our turbo bug vs turbo + Nitrous samari jeep.

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V.W. drag bug 2275cc turbo motor
PLEASE COMMENT/Our 1957 drag bug, 2275cc t3 t4 turbo motor, runs 6.50s in a 1/8 mile and 10.50s in a 1/4 mile,letting off at the 1000 foot mark.big shout out to my brother Mike Chambers the driver in the world. Go to my channel to see it run!

Atlanta Motor Speedway Friday Night Drags May 3 2013
Friday night drag racing. bike and cars

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Big Island Hawaii VW Drag Race

Friday Night Drags- Atlanta Motor Speedway 4/24/15
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