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Zivilpolizei german Autobahn

Wie kommt man auf der Autobahn am schnellsten vorran??? Natürlich mit Blaulicht song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ipiDpGSkqk


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Die Autobahnpolizei Der ganz normale Wahnsinn [Exclusiv im Ersten ARD]

Autobahn Highway-National Geografic Megastructures
All that you can know about Autobahn !!!

Highway A6 in Germany has to deal with problems. Accidents, burglary in villages located near the Autobahn A6, parking problems for resting truckers, to heavy transports, animale abuse transports, drug transports, illegal persons. More vids of this report can be found at user: Dieselroad

A fast drive on the Autobahn A1 with a BMW 730d, Part 1: From Bremen to Hamburg
Since my Autobahn videos have become kind of a favourite to many visitors of my channel, I decided to do a really nice, long and fast Autobahn run (If you want to skip the speed-limited beginning, go directly to 11:10 min.) So I chose to drive from a gas station west of Bremen to Hamburg, through the Elbtunnel and back again to Wilhelmshaven. This video was taken on an early Sunday morning, which means almost no traffic and hardly any trucks. The car is a BMW 730d with 258 HP. I drove a distance of 340 kilometers in roughly 110 minutes, which means an average speed of 185 km/h. This resulted in a fuel consumption of 14.71 liters/100 km, or -- for our American friends -- 16 MPG. Considering it is a 2-ton car, that still had winter tyres mounted and that it was a very windy day (as you can tell from the constant corrections of the steering wheel), that is an okay result for a diesel, especially if you bring to mind, that long stretches of road where done at 240 km/h -- which by the way is perfectly legal in Germany. The mounted winter tyres are limited to 240 km/h, so for safety reasons I hardly exceeded that speed, even though the car is good for 255 on the speedo. If you want to enjoy the German Autobahn like this, too, an early Sunday morning -- starting at sunrise in the summer -- is the best time to do it. That is about the only time, when you have enough space to really floor it. The A1 from Bremen to Hamburg was recently reconditioned and expanded to 3 lanes per direction, which means the tarmac is less than a year old and thus still very smooth and even. The newly-paved part begins at 10:05 min. When there was a speed limited, I mostly used the radar-guided cruise control. And if you wonder, why there is a speed limit of 120 km/h on a perfectly fine three-lane Autobahn at the beginning of the video, it's because of the state of Bremen. The Green Party is part of the government there, which means for ideological reasons they implemented a general 120 km/h speed limit within the city limits of Bremen. But as soon as the Autobahn goes into the state of Lower Saxony again, the speed limit is lifted. On normal days it hardly matters, because traffic on the A1 is usually so tight, that you cannot go faster anyway. But on a Sunday morning joyride like this it really bothers. This is a three-parter. Parts 2 (Hamburg to Bremen) and 3 (Delmenhorst to Wilhelmshaven) will follow soon.

Zivile Autobahnpolizei provoziert // Undercover cops trying to provoke me
A3 Köln - Oberhausen, hinter Köln. Ein schwarzer Astra Caravan mit NRW-5 Kennzeichen (Polizei, siehe http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kfz-Kennzeichen_(Deutschland)#Kennzeichen_der_ Polizei ) und großer Funkantenne zieht vor mir raus, wird immer langsamer, überholt nicht, blockiert die linke Spur. Ob da jemand Drängeln provozieren möchte? A3 Cologne - Oberhausen. A black Opel Astra Caravan with a huge antenna & state plates (for police) pulls out in front of me, doesn't overtake, slows down, hogs left lane. Are they maybe provoking me to tailgate them?

Lamborghini topspeed 340km Autobahn run spring event 2013
Autobahn run spring event 2013 Lamborghini gallardo, go pro hero 3

American Documentary on the German Autobahn.

320 km/h (200 mph) on German Autobahn - Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 - Ride,Acceleration,Sound
Please watch in 1080p HD! Awesome ride in a Lamborghini LP700 Aventador. Topspeed was 320km/h! Follow me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/keno.zache.photography

Privates NEF mit LED Balken + Einsatzfahrt
Privates NEF mit neuem LED Balken von Soundoff und einer kurzen Einsatzfahrt

Mobiles Samco LED Blaulicht + Sondersignal
Eine mobile Sondersignalanlage mit 35 Watt Lautsprecher und blauen LED Kennleuchten, von Samco. Anschluss via Zigarettenanzünderstecker.

4x Zivil PKW Polizei Frankfurt
Besucht mich auch auf Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Firefighter5276/138530976294457?ref=hl Hier sieht man 4 Zivile Einsatzfahrzeuge der Polizei Frankfurt auf Anfahrt zu Einsätzen im Frankfurter Stadtgebiet. Gefilmt in Frankfurt 3.2011-8.2012 Video and Copyright by Firefighter5276

Team Polizei Pulled Over By The Police

Polizei Linz Großaufgebot
Polizei Massenfahrt nach Ausschreitungen bei einem Linzer Fussballspiel

Police chasing in German Autobahn
Autobahn Dresen to Berlin under unlimited speed zone. The car was New Audi A4 2.0 TDI Avant 143ps.

Berlin Police security convoy and Escort of the german President - Mercedes luxury
The cars of thePresident of Germany and an international statesman (anyone knows what flag on the car? ) who visits Berlin. No statesmen in the cars, as they just went into the Berlin Zoo (100 meter behind) to see Knut the Polarbear. The motorcycle escort also was already waiting in front of the Zoo. luxury and cool expensive cars, BMW, Mercedes. On one of the S-Class near the end, you can see the Flag of the Bundespräsident. The sound in the off is a bus waiting next to the camera.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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