Dodge Magnum SRT vs Nissan GT-R drag racing

The Magnum is all stock with spare tire and jack removed.

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Dodge Magnum vs Challenger Hellcat @ Duluth MN Drag Races
2015 Kia of Duluth Street Drag Races

2006 Dodge Magnum SRT Corsa Extreme
2006 Dodge Magnum SRT with Corsa Extreme stainless Exhaust. Diablo Sport 91 octane tune, Legmaker true CAI.

93 Chevy Beretta vs. Dodge Magnum SRT Drag Racing
From 4/26/2015 @ Cedar Falls Motorsports Park - Random pairing during test and tune. Actually ran pretty damn close with the Magnum through the 330' mark where he was 5.584 to my 6.145. Overall, my car ran 14.67 @ 91.20 mph, the trap speed is super low because I let off right after the lights rather than flooring it through the trap. As mentioned in the other videos from that day, the track was pretty good, but it will be better a little later in the season. 93 Beretta GT, 2004 3400 v6, 5 speed swap.

Slow motion Alex Rogeo launching her 2007 Dodge Magnum at the drag strip
Slow motion video of Alex "The Car Girl" Rogeo launching her 4,040 pound, independent rear suspension 2007 Dodge Magnum at Auto Club Dragway in Fontana, CA on 14 Feb 2015.