Honda Del Sol JRSC - 1/4 mile - 12.37 - Supercharged

1997 Honda Del Sol Vtec - REDSHIFT 2L VTEC A/W LHT INTERCOOLED JRSC Air Density ~ 3200ft Race Weight ~ 2650lbs Burn out and 1/4 mile. SIR JULY 26/27 - 2008 Setup details:

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Honda del Sol Japanese Owners Manual Video
Japanese consumers had the option to purchase this delivery video which explored all the unique functions of the new Honda del Sol. It's all in Japanese so please enjoy.

Honda Del Sol - Transtop Roof - Car sale 2013
A short video of the Transtop Roof in full working order on my Honda CRX del sol which is currently for sale (April 2013) l--fantastic-condition/1238987

"Hurtin Feelings" | Stanced Del Sol 2015 @Ruined_sol
So yea, alot has changed in a year with my Del Sol. I spent all winter mostly working on it to prepare it for this coming season, took many weeks and multiple layers of winter jackets but it turned out for the better. I wanted to make this video alot more professional than the last one, since I got a whole new camera setup since then. I think it turned out great, and I hope you all do too! Thanks for watching. -Mike SONG: Mako - Ghosts

Honda Del Sol S to BMW 335i Coupe
Change is difficult for me. Letting go of my very first car is something I've never fathomed until this year. This year I wanted a change. I wanted to fulfill all my lifelong goals. It started with Japan, then my apartment by the beach, and now letting go of my car in place of getting my dream car. Hope you enjoy the ride. Outgoing: 1995 Honda Del Sol S 68,150 miles Granada black Pearl Rota Slipstreams on Yokohama ES100 Incoming: 2010 BMW 335i 25,458 miles Space Gray w/ Coral Red interior M Sport Package w/ Navigation