2007 civic si Full-Race GT35r Boosting

Stock Motor Full-Race GT35r kit Full-Race 3" Exhaust Hondata Flashpro Hondata Boost Control Solenoid IPS-KT1 cams DeatschWerks 1300cc Injectors Walbro 255 Fuel Pump Nst pulley's Boomba Motor Mounts Competition Clutch Stage 4 and Flywheel 8lbs Quaife L.S.D Custom 4inch cold air intake tune by Daniel at Church Automotive

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07 civic si Fully Built Full-Race GTX35r Low Boost
Tune By Daniel at Church Automotive.on low Boost Made 388whp254tq at around 7.5psi-9psi on 91 pumpgas on a Break in Tune aka Quick and Super Save tune. Motor Built by Daniel at Church Automotive Fully Built Motor: K20 PortFlow Fully Ported Head Drag Cartel 2.2 cams Supertech Springs & retainer Supertech Intake Valves Mahle 11.5:1 86mm Pistons Cunningham Rods Fully Built transmission : Albins 1-4 Helical Synchros DogBox 1st gear (3.000) 2nd gear (2.000) 3rd gear (1.47) 4th gear (1.10) Stock 5th gear (0.921) Stock 6th gear (0.647) Albins Final Drive (4.77) Stock Synchros Quaife L.S.D Competition Clutch Stage 4 Competition 8lb Flywheel turbo: Full-Race turbo Kit GTX3582r 0.82a/r Ecu Management: Hondata Flashpro Hondata Boost Controller Hondata 4bar Hondata Traction Control Fuel System: Injector Dynamics 1300cc Deatschwerks Fuel Pump 300 Video Made in Mexico

'09 Civic Si full-race 3076r turbo vs. E55 AMG pulley tune 30 & 40 mph rolls
Two roll races between a 3076r Civic Si and a E55 AMG mercedes with a upgraded pulley and tune.

07 Honda Civic Si - Boosted
We had crushed the FPR the Sunday before and some how mess it up, waited a couple days for the new one to come in and then crushed it the right way. This is us taking the car for a ride to make sure everything was working properly.

Black Betty STI vs ChimiSI Boosted Civic SI
Friendly Daylight Action ERNM's 04 Subaru STI, 6 Speed, CamTuned, Boost Junkyz Powered Built Motor, Comp turbo CT4-6062, 25Lbs, ID2000, E85 VS ERNM's 06 Honda Cvic SI, 6 Speed, VitiViper Tuned Hondata FlashPro, Boost Junkyz Powered Stock Motor, Comp turbo CT4-5562, 14Lbs, ID1000, E85/91 Blend Daily Driven Civic had a Torn Coupler which cased a Boost Leak but Still came to play and stayed in it. Next time it will be fixed and on a full E85 tune running more Boost.