Test Drive of a Car That Runs on Water Capital Talk on Geo News - 30th july 2012 part 1

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Agha Waqar Is Fraud
See How Scientist Exposes Agha Waqar.

Capital Talk - 29th Aug 2012 - Agha Waqar (Water Kit), Dr. Pervez Hoodbhoy _ Dr. S Hameed Khan

Mechanic from Madhya Pradesh designs car that runs on water and carbides
A car mechanic from Sagar district in Madhya Pradesh has designed a car that can run on water and carbides. Raees Khan, who works in his father's mechanic shop, had quit studies after high school. His father says that even as a child, Raees used to spend time making different gadgets and get reprimanded by him. (Audio in Hindi)

Fuel your vehicle on water | The Pakistani water-kit
Pakistani inventor Agha Waqar Ahmed created a water-kit, making it possible to drive almost completely on water. This accessible water-kit could be a key to save the world from pollution.