Rocket Racer at AirVenture 2008

DKNY Rocket Racer built by Velocity Aircraft. This is at the Experimental Aircraft Association AirVenture 2008.

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My Flight in a Homebuilt Jet Aircraft
This is a one of a kind Cozy jet aircraft that I got a ride in on new years day 2014. Enjoy...

Rocket Racing League Inaugural Flight - July 29, 2008
Watch the Rocket Racing League take flight at EAA in Oshkosh, Wisconsin in this exciting new video displaying the DKNY Bridenstine Rocket Racer© lifting off in front of hundreds of spectators. (copyright, Aero-News)

Velocity JET
Experimental Homebuilt Velocity XLRG powered with T58-8F

New Rocket Powered Plane runs on Hydrogen Peroxide
This is a new Rocket powered plane being developed by the Rutan Brothers and their company Scaled Composites out in the Mojave Desert. This Carbon Fiber plane runs on Hydrogen Peroxide and as you will see can be shut off to glide and then the rocket can be turned back on during the flight. This is the design for the next generation of Reno Air Racers.