The 600 HP APR Stage 3 Audi TTRS - /TUNED

Alabama is the last place you'd expect to find one of the world's largest tuner companies for German cars, but here, at this facility, APR provides hardware and software to thousands of Audi and VW customers every month. Matt helps them with some development testing by providing opinions on their new Stage 3 package for the Audi TTRS, producing 560 horsepower at the wheels in a car based on the VW Golf!

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540 HP Audi TTRS by 034 Motorsport - One Take
The Audi TTRS is one of our favorite modern Audi's, and not appreciated enough, in our opinion. 034 Motorsport has been tuning Audi's for 10 years, and their new Hybrid turbo system is, shall we say, quite effective! Check them out at:

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DRIVE EXCLUSIVE: With only six examples built to date, the Hennessey Venom GT could be considered the fastest street car in the world. Built off the Lotus Exige, this tuner car packs a 1200+ horsepower punch with a theoretical top speed of 272mph. Host Matt Farah takes a quick ride in the million dollar Texas built supercar for the Season 3 premiere of TUNED on DRIVE.