Little Green Wagon drag racer crashed in Drachten 19-06-2009

Video from the drag race competition in Drachten Holland. Drag racer Little Green Wagon hits the rail and goes almost into the public.

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Little Green Wagon; the movie
In 2008 and 2009 a special race car entered the Dutch dragrace scene. It was a replica of the famous 60's wheelstander, the Little Red Wagon. Dutch dragracer Marck Harteveld liked the little Red Dodge A100 truck so much, that he decided to build one himself. Together with the crew of VooDooHemi Racing they build it from scrap and the fainted yellow truck was turned into the Little Green Wagon. All went well and the wheelstands became longer and longer, until that 19th of august 2009 when the truck was supposed to do a strip-long wheelstand, but choose to take a turn (for the worst). This short film is a tribute to that Little Green Wagon that made the crowd go wild and turned a smile upon thousands of faces

Drag race Wrecks
Crashes explosions and Idiots yeah!! its Drag race time "But with these drivers no one is safe!" duck in cover!!!!!!!!!! "COMMENT ON THE BEST RECK!" video from country fried home videos on CMT.

Psycho Econoline wheelstanding truck puller
George Stinnett's Psycho wheelstanding truck puller from the 1980's. A staple at any USHRA Hot Rod truck and tractor pull.

Little green Wagon crash at Dragrace Drachten 20/6/09
Little green wagon crashes at dragrace Drachten trying to make the longest wheelie on the strip, driver is OK only one of the photographers got injured but not very bad.