BM Hot Version 2009 Vol.97

Best motoring Japanese episode 2009

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Hot Version Vol 80 Special Run In Tsukuba 2006]

Best Motoring Hot Version - Vol 101
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Hot Version Vol 98

Hot Version Vol 129 EVO Empire vs. Maou FR + All Japan Gymkhana + New FR vs. Cheap Used FR
Evo Empire VS Monster FR Sayonara Lancer Evolution Battle! As we bid farewell the current and last Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution model, we check to see what level its at now in comparison to other Hot Version tuner cars. We brought light tuned to heavily modified Evos to the battle again Hot Version's best. - Colt Speed EVO X 346ps Suspension Tuned - Monster 360 SPEC EVO X 385 ps Complete Tuned Car - Deck Mechanical Power EVO X RS 430ps Circuit Car - Garage G Force EVO IX 583ps Fully Modified Car - FEED FD3S - Arvou S2000 Stage: Tsukuba Circuit TOUGE SHOWDOWN: New FR VS Used FR Touge fighters like the Honda S2000, Miata Roadsters and RX-8 are now available used for under 1Million yen (Apprx $10,000). What kind of fight will they put up against the brand new BMW M235i 6MT? - 1998 Roadster NB - 1999 S2000 AP1 - 2003 RX-8 SE3P - BMW M235i 6MT - Caterham Seven 160 Drift Muscle: Round 3 Sugo and Round 4 Honjo Report CAST: Keiichi Tsuchiya, Manabu Orido, Nobuteru Taniguchi, Inada Daijiro, Seiji Ara etc.