Ford Fairlane Vs. Nissan pickup - WCRA - Osoyoos, B.C.

Ford Fairlane vs. Nissan pickup. If anyone that goes to watch these races can help me out with driver/car info, that would be much appreciated. This is in 2011 with the Wine Country Racing Association at the richter pass motorplex in osoyoos BC

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Turbo Nissan Pickup
KA24DET nissan hardbody... more videos to come. Took the video for a friend.

'90 2.3 Turbo Mustang Vs. '50 Ford Pickup - WCRA - Osoyoos, B.C.
The lights were staggered on purpose, this is bracket racing. This is our 2.3 turbo Mustang before engine mods vs an old ford pickup. This is in Osoyoos B.C. with the Wine Country Racing Association at the Richter Pass Motorplex in 2011

this is the first video of my nissan pickup 1991 the evolution of how i got the truck and all the things i been putting on there. i still need to put a paint job so when i get that done be expecting another video please rate and coment to see how you like the truck =D thanks dont forget to coment and subscrive

67 Fairlane update and new project
Here's an update of my 67 fairlane 500, since the last video I have put 4.62:1 gears, replacing the stock 3.00:1 gears in the 8 inch, and full Exhaust, headers, H pipe, 2.5 inch pipe through the flowmaster 40's and 2 1/4 pipe out up over the rear end, I have also put a new tail housing on the c4 thanks to the local Exhaust shop breaking my old one...I also put summit racing slapper bars on and a Holley single feed 600cfm 4 barrel carb, this car is now running 15.5's in the quarter mile however it may run quicker I never got a chance to get it dialed in...The new one I picked up it is a 67 500 XL car, quite a bit of rust but a lot of usable parts which I used...since this video I have swapped the buckets into the green one, and moved my aftermarket stereo into the glove box and installed the trim bezel out of the old one with the stock radio in it so it looks factory.