Mustang cobra engine bay paint primer

Painting cobra engine bay. This is the primer.

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foxbody engine bay_0001.wmv
smoothing a foxbody engine bay

mustang coupe 331 stroker smoothed and shaved engine bay
All this work was done by me with no!! experience what so ever in body work, and slight experience in welding ....... and also not much in painting! After 2 months of working in short periods of time this was the results ! hope you enjoy ! special thanks to my girlfriend for the money she let me borrow lol! an to my dad ,bro an cuz.......

Dupli-Color®'s El Camino Restoration Series: Week 1 Engine Block and Header
In this episode of the 1979 El Camino Restoration Series… What we’re working on: Underhood Engine Block and Header What we’re using: Dupli-Color® Grease and Wax Remover, VHT® Engine Enamel™, VHT® Flame Proof™ LEARN MORE HERE: Let’s Connect! Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Website:

Engine Bay Restoration: Part 2 - Painting & Detailing VN05
We are restoring a 1995 Mini Cooper engine bay to its former glory. Previously in part 1 we have cleaned and prepared the engine block for painting. In part 2 we begin repainting the engine block and other areas around the engine bay as well as replacing the old battered rocker cover. Remember to take your time and not to rush the job. If replacing the rocker cover, keep checking up on the gasket edge whenever you run the car to make sure no oil is leaking out. The process only required... Time - 9 hours (on and off) - 5 coats of paint Cost - Paint: £22.97 Painting Equipment:£5.49 Rocker cover, gasket and T bars: £44 Silicone Grey Gasket Sealant:£5.49 Total: £77.95 Paint Halfords High Temperature Engine Enamel Paint RED - £7.49 paints/halfords-high-temperature-engine-enamel-paint-red-250ml Halfords High Temperature Engine Enamel Paint Gloss Black - £7.49 paints/halfords-high-temperature-engine-enamel-paint-gloss-black-250ml CarPlan aluminium paint 250ml - £7.99 Catch you next time... TMR We are not responsible for your actions and for any misuse of materials. Please use the above video as guidance only. We produce video's such as this one for entertainment and education purposes. We are not professionals in any way.