Z06 vs. Firehawk

Firehawk got the jump on 1st and 3rd run. 2nd race was even. Firehawk ahead in 4th, but Z06 pulled and passed in 5th.

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ZO6 vs Cobra
Ported and pullied eaton cobra 500+rwhp. race 1 vs zo6 on motor race 2 vs zo6 on 100 shot 493rwhp.

2002 Firehawk Dyno
2002 Firehawk, A4, 3.23's. Mods: American Racing 1 3/4" LTs with Catted Y-pipe, Corsa Catback, SLP lid

03 Corvette Z06 Vs 00 WS6 Trans AM
03 Corvette Z06 Vs 00 WS6 Trans AM

DIRT's Big turbo 6.0L Firehawk racing!
Dirt's big turbo, 6.0L, TH400 Firehawk making passes and racing some stiff competition.