AE86 Duel at DeAnza Autocross

Duel at DeAnza 2006: 1985 Corolla GT-S on the autocross track for the first time. Stock suspension, and Toyo RA1's on the front. I had 1/8th a tank of gas left, and the fuel tank has no baffling, so that's fuel starvation for you.

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How to Autocross Faster - Ep 1 - Analyzing Porsche Club Runs
Topics and tips covered include braking, racing line, corner exit, early acceleration, and back-siding the slalom cones. Autocross drivers Jeremy Ault and Kent McKnight analyze their runs from the February 2013 Maverick Region Porsche Club Autocross #1 to learn how to be faster and teach you autocross tips from what is learned along the way. LIKE us on Facebook at You should not take anything from this video as being advice. That said, if you make the same mistakes we do or are new to autocross, maybe you may also find this video helpful. Be sure to watch Episode 2 on Slaloms -

Parking Lot "Racing" - Autocross In The NorthEast
This concept came together when I read the argument and counter argument of someone comparing autocross to road racing, and then someone else that created an article in the form of a rebuttal. I've been autocrossing for about 5 years now, and haven't had the privilege and funds to road race...YET. But even though I do have a bit of a bias, I don't think it takes any credit away from how great a sport autocross it. So I decided to share some of the great moments I've captured behind the camera. This is footage from past autocross events going back to about 4 years, and along with getting new audio equipment as well as learning about audio editing, I decided to put it all to the test. It's a different feel from my normal Motorsports videos but I think it works. Let me know what you guys think. Shot and Edited: Kwesi Peters Narration: Kwesi Peters Music: Zack Hemsey - The Way

Drifting the Original AE86 In The Rain - TST in NZ
Motorsport runs deep in NZ culture, so we met up with the Hutt Valley Motorsports Club at Manfield Park to test some of their best homebrew track cars. Jared Rush's 1984 Toyota Trueno AE86 is a fine example of what can be achieved on this platform with excellent backyard engineering, and is crazy fun to slide in the wet! Watch Matt Play a Round of Automation!

20v Toyota AE86 at Lime Rock Park Autocross
First proper thrash at a new manual rack steering setup. Though adjusted with drifting in mind, car holds well at gripping. Lime Rock organized open autocross offered plenty of seat time and a great experience for anyone! Running a fresh set of Yokohama S.Drive tires, I managed to set the fastest laptime of the day.