500 Km Nürburgring 2009 - SAAB-Racing-Sound pur!

Nico Gasparatos und Fahrer Andre Fibier in ihrem SAAB 900 mit einer Onboard-Kamera ausgestattet. Rennfeeling als wär man live dabei! Keine störende Musik. Einfach Motorsound und Motorsport vom Feinsten und SAAB in Reinkultur! Endlich mal O-Ton- Rennspaß aus der Fahrerperspektive!

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Saab 900 Turbo Racing car
Saab 900 turbo at Youngtimer Trophy Oschersleben 2007

Saab Pikes Peak Per Eklund With English Subtitles
The documentary about the "America car" where Per Eklund and his team build a monster Saab to compete in Pikes Peak, Colorado. The car did the 2nd fastest time on the track for it's class. Leif Ahl aka "The X" features in this documentary, he is somewhat a motorsport legend in Sweden, i believe the reason why Per was so successful in Pikes Peak is because of The X and the other great mechanics that were behind the project all the way.

Onboard with Per Eklund part1.avi
Per Eklund, the swedish Rallye-Legend, was invited by Gasparatos Automobile to get back on the track for the nice 24-Hours-Classic-Race on Nürburgring-Nordschleife (Germany) for a weekend in May 2010. It was fun, it was cool and it was pure motorsport and racefeeling. We put two cameras in front and back of the car and here's what they recorded. No music during the race - only at "In-Lap" and end of the film! The song is "Timeout" by Atkinson! Have fun!

Saab 900 RACER - Youngtimer Trophy 2004
Nice little Cut of the whole YT-Trophy 2004, where two Saab 900 turbo from Gasparatos rocked the race! Enjoy the Sound!