Initial D for real! Driving Mt Haruna touge in the Tofu 86

Alexi goes for a ride in a replica Tofu Shop 86 and delivers some tofu the top of the Mt Haruna (AKA Mt Akina) touge, the visits Racing Cafe D'z Garage for some Initial D themed lunch, then goes on to see a replica of the Fujiwara tofu shop at the Ikaho Toy, Doll and Car Museum in Ikaho. BGM Song: MYRONE, 峠RUN From the indie game in development DRIFT STAGE Back the game's development (I did!) Racing Cafe D'z Garage Google Maps: Mt Haruna Lake (top of Haruna touge) Google Maps: M. Yokota Collection Ikaho Toy, Doll and Car Museum Google Maps: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Snapchat: noriyaro

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Initial D replica drifting at Gunsai Touge in Japan
Just like in Initial D! Alexi visits Gunsai Touge in Gunma Prefecture and goes for a ride in a replica of the Fujiwara Tofu AE86 Trueno on a touge-style course that looks and feels like real mountain drifting. Website: Instagram: Facebook: Snapchat: noriyaro

REAL Tokyo Street Scene - Drifting, Highway Runs, Cops. - Vlog 69
Just a night out in Daikoku PA ;) Help Us Reach 500k Subscribers! Purchase Evo Parts At Discounted Price!!! - My Camera Setup - Instagram - Facebook - Wheelwell (Mod list for all my cars) - Follow my builds 500HP Voltex Evo 8: LS6 FD RX7 Race Car: Honda Café Racer: Supercharged K24 FRS Swap: Asian Redneck Dodge Ram: 1000HP F&S Evo8: Vlogs:

Initial D Mythbusters: AE86 Paper Cup Drifting
Trying out the Initial D myth of drifting with a paper cup full of water without spilling to protect the tofu! !!!!!!DISCLAIMER!!!!!! THIS IS NOT A SCIENTIFIC TEST! This all for fun so enjoy the ride! Drifting at Englishtown Raceway Park NJ Clubloose Spring Moves event! I do not have the A/C vent cup holder but fortunately the ash tray held the cup pretty well. Music: Initial D OST - Enigma Max Coveri - Running in the 90's

AE86 - What Makes it so Great?
Today we take a look at the Toyota Corolla AE86 and why it’s so good on and off of Akina. Instagram - Twitter - Discord Server - Stickers: Garage/ Videos Used in Order of Appearance: VHS Tape Glitch and Static Noise - Free Footage [2K HD] Keiichi Tsuchiya - Pluspy (part 2) Initial D First Stage - Initial D: First Stage - 15 - Takumi's Fury (SUB) Keiichi Tsuchiya, AE86 vs. GTR-R34 AE86 Thanksgiving Donuts ☛Toyota Corolla Sprinter Trueno AE86 Drift Keiichi Tsuchiya ★ AE86 Trueno lights Toyota 4AGE - Look inside the trumpets! TOYOTA TRUENO AE86 3SGE BEAMS ON THE ROAD ACELERATING AND Exhaust SOUND . Boosted Levin AE86 | Forever 86' 20v AE86 ITB - PURE SOUND Close lightning! My 1985 Toyota Corolla GTS AE86 Bens clean AE86 Man pretends to be an AE86 rally driver Custom Compact Intake - AE86 Regular Car Reviews: 1985 Toyota AE86 Sprinter Trueno, Part 1 Iroha AE86 Touge 箱根 大平台 七曲り 峠 走り屋 ドリフト 1988~ AE86 USDM corolla gts Toyota Corolla AE86 Panda White - Poor's man Initial D Replica USDM Kyle Pollard F20C AE86 Levin Drift InMotion University Of Jdm - Matthew McDowell's AE86 Corolla (Drift Video) 1994 AE86 cashiew nikko circuit race open Vechtdal Rally 2017 l Toyota Corolla AE86 Dries Bosch & Coen Roetgerink Insane Touge Skills ( AE 86 - ONBOARD ) Real Life Initial D 86 Tribute "Night Drive" 頭文字D AE86 Toyota Corolla GTS - Sony a6500 / Zhiyun crane / Sony 10-18 f4 Music Used in Order of Appearance: HOME – We’re Finally Landing [Synthwave] HOME – Above All