New zl1 camaro just arrived

2012 zl1 Camaro over 500hp stock :0

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2012 ZL1 Camaro Coming Home
After placing the order to the Factory at the end of January, the long journey of waiting for my Victory Red ZL1 Camaro comes to a close as it was finally delivered by the dealership to my garage on June 22nd. 6.2 litres and 580 supercharged horsepower worth of thunder now await to be unleashed once I get home to break it in and let the ZL1 stretch its legs!

New front fascia on the SS
This is actually Camaro ZL1 fascia, with a modified paint scheme to make it look a bit more "SS" and a bit less "ZL1"

2017 ZL1 CAMARO Fail
This is my 2017 ZL1 Camaro I've been having alot of trouble with GM and my brand new car if anyone Else is having problems with their new ZL1 concerning traction control and service rear end lights it may be your body control module and wire and if you can guess the last three digits of my ven number I'll buy you a cheeseburger if you live in Houston

2017 ZL1 vs 2013 ZL1 with time-slip
1/8 mile drag racing, 2017 ZL1 stock vs 2013 ZL1 with intake.