buick GS 455 stage 1 first startup on engine stand

This is the first startup of my 455 stage 1 after rebuild! It crashed few months ago :((. Exhausts on this teststand are the stock cast headers. carb is a beautyfull barry grant 850 demon on an edelbrock 455 performance intake. cam is a SP 1165R, 112LC. Later, we replaced it with a stock GS cam for smoother running. TA 1.65 red roller rockers. heads flowed and ported. SP/FM hypereutectic pistons. Kenne Bell valve covers. they look kinda cool, don't they? This should push around 390HP with the stock cam and around 430HP with the SP cam! runs like a baby :). listen!

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Just completed rebuild of my "old school" 455. Machining done by K&S Machine Kelowna. Balanced and blueprinted rotating assembly. Ported and polished stage 1 TA Performance aluminum heads. Ceramic coated headers, restored and coated by Sun view Industries. Installed new TA Performance blueprinted ported oil pump assembly. Forged pistons are 10:1, and .030" over. Crank mains and rods .020" under. Holley 950 cfm racing carb. Comp cam ground similar to "Mutha Thumpa" cam. Comp Cam "Magnum" anti pump up racing hydraulic lifters. (noisy at idle like solid lifters, this is normal). Comp cam roller rockers 1.65/1 ratio. Edelbrock B4B dual plane high rise intake. Mahle rings and Clevite bearings. Oversize aluminum rad and dual electric fans. Roller bearing water pump. Will follow up with Dyno tuning next week expecting 500 plus HP,? We shall see. Build it, race it, break it, rebuild it, race it.... you get the picture.

Buick 455 engine rebuild in dubai
Buick 455 engine start after rebuild