buick GS 455 stage 1 first startup on engine stand

This is the first startup of my 455 stage 1 after rebuild! It crashed few months ago :((. Exhausts on this teststand are the stock cast headers. carb is a beautyfull barry grant 850 demon on an edelbrock 455 performance intake. cam is a SP 1165R, 112LC. Later, we replaced it with a stock GS cam for smoother running. TA 1.65 red roller rockers. heads flowed and ported. SP/FM hypereutectic pistons. Kenne Bell valve covers. they look kinda cool, don't they? This should push around 390HP with the stock cam and around 430HP with the SP cam! runs like a baby :). listen!

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Buick 455 Stage 1 (1-2)

Buick Stage 1 Boss 302
Is actually a 71 GS 455, with a lot of 70 stuff on it. Has a 70 Stage 1 motor in it (other project of mine). Kenne Bell 118 cam, TA long tube headers, 3" Exhaust with Flowmaster 40's. Split bench seat, column shift. The color is a BMW, Monaco Blue. Not a show car, just a fun driver.

Buick 455 stage 1 engine dyno
This is my 455 on the Dyno. Bored out to a 462, stage 1 valves, SPX intake, 2" headers. motor machined and built by Mark Samford at Samford Racing Heads in Abilene, Tx. '70 iron stage 1 heads, ported out to about 270 cfm intake 205 Exhaust @ 500 lift. Custom cam 234º in 244º ex, .520 lift in/ex with 1.6 rockers. 9.1:1 CR. Peak power was 540 @ 5400 rpm, 560 lb/ft @ 4600, with ignition acting up (which has been replaced since the Dyno). Carb used was a 950 DP, has a 870 street avenger on it now

1966 Buick skylark 455 (TA performance 310 cam)
Idle after break in.