Dynosty tunes Momentum GT35R Turbo 350Z to 516WHP

350Z GT35R turbo Kit by Momentum Performance. Haltech Dyno Tuning by Hal at Dynosty Contact us to schedule your install and tuning session! Dynosty is located in Lexington, KY. www.Dynosty.com

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470hp Acura NSX vs. Turbo Dynosty 350Z
Top Dawg Airstrip Event 2012

350Z Greddy Twin Turbo Tuned at Dynosty
Dynosty.com: Over 500whp was achieved on this Nissan 350Z with Greddy twin turbo kit on 93 octane pump gas. The setup features a built VQ35 motor, Haltech Pro Plugin standalone and tuning by Dynosty.

Turbo 350z | Rollin'
Few clips of the 350z twin turbo while we filmed the PNM Lotus Espirt a few days ago.. Thanks to Andy Green for the rolling shots :) Dont forget to "Like" and subscribe for more videos :) All filmed on a nikon D5100. Edited in Final Cut Pro X. Nissan 350z Twin turbo Boost Supra GTR TC Media

9.3sec Record 1/4mile 350Z 6speed by Hal at Dynosty
Dynosty.com: Hal takes the Nissan 350Z 6-speed record with his full weight street car. 9.3 @ 145mph! 4/11/10 Clay City, KY